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Boldenone Base Powder

Boldenone Base Powder, Boldenone
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CAS No: 846-48-0
Molecular Formula: C19H26O2
Molecular Weight: 286.409 g/mol
Purity: >99.5%
Appearance: White powder.
Origin: China
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Transport Package: Aluminum Foil Bag or as Required
Usage: Boldenone for Bodybuilding & Fitness, Boldenone to Build Muscle.


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Boldenone Description

Boldenone, also known as Δ1-testosterone, 1-dehydrotestosterone, or androsta-1,4-dien-3-one-17β-ol, is a synthetic anabolic-androgenic steroid and the 1-dehydrogenated analogue of testosterone.

As an anabolic steroid, Baodanone base is one of the most commonly used veterinary Steroids and is used in veterinary medicine. The level of male hormones is very high, and the synthesis effect is also very strong. Boldenone base can effectively, stably and sustainably build muscle and strength. If Boldenone used together with other drugs, the effect will be better. Boldenone is one of the most popular and easiest ways to maintain muscle after "circulation" in veterinarians (and other groups of drugs). , Stanozolol, HGH, pure testosterone, etc.). In addition, the natural conditions in the human body can produce a small amount of Boldenone.

Use of Boldenone

The purpose of synthesizing Boldenone is to make a long-acting injectable menenolone (Dianabol), but in fact the role of Boldenone is completely different from that of menenol. Boldenone has a long half-life and can show up to 1.5 years in steroid tests due to the long undecylenate ester linked to the parent steroid. Within a few months after stopping use Boldenone, trace amounts of the drug can be easily detected.

Synthetic Boldenone is to produce a long-acting injection of methylhydrotestosterone for the treatment of androgen deficiency. Boldenone may increase lean muscle mass, strength, and ability to train for longer and higher intensity. The serious side effects of steroids are many and may be irreversible. Minor side effects of steroid use include acne, oily skin, excessive hair growth, and low voice.