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Mesterolone | Proviron

Mesterolone | Proviron powder, Oral steroids Proviron
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CAS No: 303-42-4
Molecular Formula: C27H42O3
Molecular Weight: 414.621g/mol
Purity: >99.5%
Appearance: White Crystalline Powder
Origin: China
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Transport Package: Aluminum Foil Bag or as Required
Usage: Mesterolone, Proviron for Bodybuilding & Fitness, Mesterolone, Proviron to Build Muscle.


High Purity Mesterolone Proviron Oral Steroid Powder

Mesterolone Proviron Description

Mesterolone Proviron is an anabolic steroid with the brand names Proviron, Pluriviron and Vistimon. Mesterolone Proviron is currently illegal in the United States because its purpose is mainly for exercise and muscle mass enhancement. Mesterolone Proviron is taken orally in tablet form. Mesterolone Proviron is part of a class of drugs called androgens or male hormones, usually combined with testosterone (an important male hormone). It can be used to treat diseases where the body cannot naturally produce enough male hormones, or Mesterolone Proviron can be used to increase the already normal level of male hormones to promote muscle growth. Mesterolone Proviron does this by inhibiting the production of estrogen, increasing the effectiveness of testosterone, increasing muscle density and stiffness, and reducing libido. It is said that Mesterolone Proviron can increase libido, improve health, give a feeling of overall health and vitality, and restore the youth of adult men. Some doctors prescribe mesterosterone for the symptoms of beer menopause, and men will decrease their testosterone levels with age. Mesterolone Proviron can also be used for certain types of sexual dysfunction, such as lack of interest, impotence, and low sperm count.
Men are sometimes prescribed Mesterolone as a treatment for infertility, but Mesterolone Proviron must never be given to women who are pregnant or may become pregnant. Any hormone therapy can cause major harm to the developing fetus, including birth defects. 

Use of Mesterolone Proviron

The standard Mesterolone Proviron dose used to treat androgens or male fertility is usually in the range of 50-75 mg per day. Usually, the total dose is divided into 25 mg doses 2-3 times a day. In androgen deficiency programs, the total dose almost always starts at 75 mg per day, and then slowly decreases to 25-50 mg per day according to the needs of the patient.

In terms of performance, the Mesterolone Proviron dosage is usually 50-150 mg per day. However, most men will find that 100 mg per day is the lowest beneficial dose, and both 100 mg and 150 mg are very effective. The total usage usually lasts 8-12 weeks. However, in order to break through the crux of a cycle, for example, at the end of a cycle, a 6-week course of Mesterolone Proviron may be effective.


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